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May 6, 2024

Caring For Our Own: Financial Wellness Benefits

Our belief that delivering for our guests and investors starts with taking care of our people—we’re in the people business after all. From day one our goal is to ensure associates are supported in all aspects so that exceptional experiences can follow. And one way of doing that is by offering more than the standard benefits you come expect from a quality hospitality employer.

In 2024, we are committed to evolving the tools and benefits we provide to our associates empowering them to make informed decisions that can stretch their dollars further, manage their personal finances effectively and gain greater financial peace of mind.

Tools we provide for greater financial peace of mind:

  • DailyPay delivers on-demand paydays
  • Shiny digital tipping ensuring more associates are directly compensated

“With one of the tightest labor markets in industry history and ever-rising costs, it has become increasingly important for us to recognize the efforts put forth by our associates,” said David Wani, CEO, Twenty Four Seven Hotels. “We believe that by consistently rejecting the status quo and insisting that we can always improve and innovate, we conquer complacency—and ultimately improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation. Shiny, along with our Daily Pay program, are examples of the additional efforts we take to ensure our employees are among the most satisfied in the industry.”

Hospitality workers are also the least likely in any industry to have access to a retirement plan at work, and they are also the least likely to have confidence in their ability to retire comfortably. As a premier hospitality management company, we are proud to offer access to retirement plans like 401(k)’s.

Here’s to health and success for all of our bandmates!


24seven Hotels

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