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March 6, 2022

Women in Leadership

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we looked at a recent study by the Castell Project & the American Hotel & Lodging Association stating “women hold only one leadership spot for every ten men” yet we know women are critical to our industry—as owners, leaders and workforce, they make up 57% of industry employees.

Hannah Huse, our Vice President of Sales & Marketing shares her passion for mentorship and why building a supportive culture are key for changing these statistics.

“As a young mom, I always struggled with the tension of pursuing my career and wanting to be a present provider for my children. I had shame attached to choosing one over the other and anxiety about letting either down. I think it’s important for us to eliminate that shame and build corporate cultures that accommodate both professional growth and motherhood. We must value the unique strengths of women leaders and create an environment that supports mentorship, helping them find their voice and reach new career goals. Getting to teach and train not just sales and marketing skills, but the importance of our values and the way we interact, is one of my favorite parts of my role with Twenty Four Seven Hotels. We have the same passion for developing people as we do hotels.”

Over the last four years, I have had the opportunity to work with Deanna Kautai and participate in her development from Sales Manager to Regional Director of Sales. Most recently though, I had the joy of watching her become a mother, learning how to thrive within the home and hotel contexts.

“Hannah has played a crucial role in my development within Twenty Four Seven Hotels” says Deanna Kautai. “As I navigate being a new working mom, she provides mentorship, advice and encouragement based on her personal experiences. One of our company’s guiding principles is ‘Lead by Example,’ and I’ve been able to excel because she paved the way. I’ve followed her daily examples and taken each opportunity Twenty Four Seven Hotels has given me.”

Leesa Gibbons, Vice President of People Resources & Development adds “As we come out of the pandemic, it is even more important to provide new ways of operating with flexible schedules that can accommodate the needs of women to help them reach their potential.”

Being a female in leadership takes grit, continuous learning, and a willingness to use your voice for the good of others. “I believe leading through humility is key to supporting and raising other women up as we move forward” says Hannah Huse.


By 24seven Hotel

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