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May 17, 2024

A Night In The Life: Spotlighting Our Night Auditors

Have you ever wondered who keeps the lights on long after you’ve turned in for the night when you stay at a hotel? There’s a behind-the-scenes role in hotels that few people outside the industry know about, but it’s served as the starting point for many hotel professionals—it’s the role of the Night Auditor.

Night Auditor Appreciation Day is an initiative started by Otelier in recognition of the invaluable contribution night auditors make and an acknowledgment of their potential to be future leaders in the hospitality industry. So in honor of the second annual celebration, let’s hear from a few of the Night Auditors at 24seven Hotels.


What does a Night Auditor in a hotel do?

Lynn: It’s a good mixture of guest service, accounting, and administrative responsibilities.

Susie: I am responsible for closing out one day and starting the next and maintaining a safe and secure hotel throughout the night.

Why did you choose this role:

Kylie: I’m more of a night owl and enjoy making others smile, even in the late hours of the night. Sometimes people need that last smile of the day before they go to bed and I love being the one to do that.

Frank: It’s a great way to learn and get started in hospitality.

Sonia: It provides me with the flexibility I need.

How does a typical night start? 

Kylie: Conversing with the coworker that is my pass down. I enjoy hearing what occurred during the day, and checking-in on how guests are doing. Sometimes though, it needs to be all hands-on deck and I toss my stuff in the back and start checking guests in right away!

Kathy: With pass downs from the day shift to get caught up on the day’s activities and security checks.

You’re a good fit for a night auditor job if…

Kylie: This is a hard question because the easy answers is if you like being awake at night, but it is so much more than that. You are a little bit of everything on Night Audit. You are Front Desk Agent, Auditor, Maintenance for minor things like resetting TV’s and Housekeeping. It really is a great feeling making someone’s night because you fixed their TV or were able to bring bedding to their room to make them comfortable.

Alex: You’re process-oriented, good at staying awake and can manage the hotel with little supervision.

Kathy: You are detail-oriented and able to resolve issues independently.

Cherry: Thinking quickly and efficiently are important skills to have because you are working alone.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Kylie: Talking to the guests that come in late. They can be interesting people and sometimes have wild stories about why they have arrived so late.

Frank: Any opportunity to make the guests feel completely taken care of throughout the night. Whatever that might mean.

John: Anticipating needs. There is nothing better than the look on someone’s face when you’ve done something thoughtful without them having to ask.

Cherry: My strong team that is professional and has fun together!

What do you hope to do in the hospitality industry in the future?

Alex: I would like to grow into a Front Desk managerial position.

Lynn: I’ve been at Dana Point Marina Inn for 16 years and hope to continue to be!


Happy Night Auditor Appreciation Day and thank you for your dedication and efforts each and every night!


24seven Hotels

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