Marketing & Communications

Engaging with guests truly starts with marketing. While the brands provide a foundational online presence and brand identity to facilitate the booking process, marketing today involves understanding the widening digital landscape that connects us with our guests long before they enter the hotel.

Research and experience tells us that the hotel booking process typically starts with a geographical search online and is then likely to meander from the hotel website to a social media feed and a review site, such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, before a guest finally commits to a room.

That’s why our Marketing and Communications team brings strategy, design and eCommerce expertise. We can tackle print, PR, hashtags or events, and we’ll advise you on the size of the spotlight necessary for your particular hotel. Our digital marketing approach involves a multi-channel booking strategy and includes a combination of analytical data and creative design. Working closely with our sales and revenue teams, we stay ahead of the curve to maximize booking opportunities for your bottom line.

In today’s digital world, we ensure a positive guest experience online - to convert that booking, before passing the baton to our operations team for a kick-ass guest experience during their visit at the hotel.

And in the world of rock and roll, we’re the ones that may pitch dancing chickens and bubble bath on an album cover or tour poster to generate that loyal and passionate fanbase.


  • Hotel website and brand maintenance
  • Online metasearch, link-building, CVBs, tourism offices, etc...
  • Optimize brand positioning on OTAs
  • Digital ad spends in competitive channels
  • Reputation management through review sites
  • Social media strategy and share of voice (SoV) for critical markets
  • Print and digital collateral production
  • Comprehensive services for independent hotels