Hotel Accounting

The Corporate accounting/finance team brings many years of experience and expertise to their discipline. Our hotel accounting team interprets and delivers actionable financial intelligence, in order to guarantee maximum profitability; and ultimately, improve property value based on superior financial performance.

Our web-based accounting systems and modules have the ability to collect and report detailed financial data from our hotels on a real-time basis, which assists our executives and managers in making intelligent decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Key services our hotel accounting/finance team provide are:

Financial Reporting

  • 1. Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet preparation
  • 2. Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
  • 3. Statement of Cash Flow and Analytical Analysis

Accounts Payable

  • 1. Vendor Invoices
  • 2. Check processing
  • 3. Loan Payments
  • 4. Partner Distributions
  • 5. Electronic/ACH Payment
Payroll Processing
  • 1. Centralized Data Collection
  • 2. Payment Processing
  • 3. Third-Party Tax Filing and Compliance
  • 4. Employment Verifications
  • 5. W-2 Reporting
Sales Taxes
  • 1. Local and State Sales Tax Filing
  • 2. Assistance in Managing Sales and Use Tax Audit
Treasury Management and Management of Cash Flow
  • 1. Analyze and Reconcile Monthly Loan Servicing Balances
  • 2. Track Weekly and Monthly Transaction Activity
Fixed Asset Reporting
  • 1. Maintain and track all Capital Expenditures
  • 2. Maintain Fixed Asset Ledger

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