Hotel Accounting & Financial Management

The Corporate Hospitality finance team brings many years of experience and expertise to their discipline. Our hotel accounting team interprets and delivers actionable financial intelligence, in order to guarantee maximum profitability; and ultimately, improve property value based on superior financial performance.

Our web-based accounting systems and modules have the ability to collect and report detailed financial data from our hotels on a real-time basis, which assists our executives and managers in making intelligent decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Key services our hotel accounting/finance team provide are:

Hospitality Financial Reporting

  • 1. Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet preparation
  • 2. Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
  • 3. Statement of Cash Flow and Analytical Analysis

Accounts Payable

  • 1. Vendor Invoices
  • 2. Check processing
  • 3. Loan Payments
  • 4. Partner Distributions
  • 5. Electronic/ACH Payment
Payroll Processing
  • 1. Centralized Data Collection
  • 2. Payment Processing
  • 3. Third-Party Tax Filing and Compliance
  • 4. Employment Verifications
  • 5. W-2 Reporting
Sales Taxes
  • 1. Local and State Sales Tax Filing
  • 2. Assistance in Managing Sales and Use Tax Audit
Treasury Management and Management of Cash Flow
  • 1. Analyze and Reconcile Monthly Loan Servicing Balances
  • 2. Track Weekly and Monthly Transaction Activity
Fixed Asset Reporting
  • 1. Maintain and track all Capital Expenditures
  • 2. Maintain Fixed Asset Ledger

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